Online GST Invoice/Billing Software

Lift About Creating :-

Easy and powerful GST billing software for:

Small Businesses, Retailers, Wholesalers, Restaurant, Service Providers and many more...

* Fast, simple and On Click Reports online invoicing Software
1.Create and view invoices in seconds
2.Access your invoices through a mobile
3.Trustworthy, safe and secure.

Overview :

Online Easy GST (Goods and Service Tax )Billing Software is a web based application which allows creation and maintenance of invoices/bills of any type with very little efforts. It provides user friendly interface to create invoice within four easy steps. The invoice/bill format is totally customizable as per the user's requirements. It is multi-user software and it provides readymade reports as per the Sales Tax/ VAT formats. With this software, you can create new invoices, edit invoices and view various useful reports such as Sales Tax Report, VAT Collection Report, and other tax collection reports. Online billing software makes it easier to create and view invoices from anywhere with the help of internet only. It runs on the web browser, we recommend Internet Explorer (version 7 or higher). It is developed on the Java platform and other open source technologies. Hence, there is no need to buy any other licenses or software.

    We shall provide the following modules under the Online Easy GST INVOICE SOFTWARE:
  • User Records Module
  • Branches Records Module
  • Master Party/Client Records Module
  • Search/Edit Party/Client Records Module
  • Master Item/Product Records Module
  • Search/Edit Item/Product Records Module
  • Challan Create/Edit Module
  • Challan Wise Invoice Creation Module
  • Invoice Create/Edit Module
  • Invoice Creation without Challan Module
  • Payment Advise Note Records Module
  • User Authentication to Login, Creating, Editing and Printing Invoice Module
  • Print Four Copy of each Invoice on your required basis

  • 1. Original For Buyer Copy
  • 2. Transporter Copy
  • 3. Office Copy
  • 4. Extra Copy

    Report Module
  • 1. Original For Buyer Copy
  • 2. Transporter Copy
  • 3. Office Copy
  • 4. Extra Copy

    2. Invoice Report
  • i. Date wise Invoice Report
  • ii. Party wise Invoice Report
  • iii. Branch wise Invoice Report

    3. Item wise Sales Report
  • i. Date wise Report
  • ii. Branch wise Report
  • iii. Party wise Report
  • iv. Party Include & Party Exclude Report
  • v. Vat/CST if any, both, only CST, only VAT or None wise Report
  • vi. TIN Yes/No Report
  • vii. Ledger Report with Items Report
  • viii. Ledger Report without Items Report

    Payment Advise Report
  • i. Date wise Report
  • ii. Party wise Report